Why isn't Fernando worried about his REI Business?

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1.) Look At My Results Below & Above
NO ONE else in the industry provides this level of service to their clients. When you combine great education, tools built BY and FOR real estate investors (me and my REI partner built them all from scratch), and fanatical support you get successful clients.

2.) I Actually Run My Own Real Estate Investing Company
Many companies that make tools for real estate investors DO NOT have experience in the industry. And while they might be good at copying each other, they don't know what WE really NEED and WANT. It made a HUGE difference for Fernando and others jumping into a pre-built system designed from the ground up by me and my team WHILE we WERE and ARE running an REI Company. 

3.) We've helped established REI business SCALE and brand new investors go from zero to HERO!
You might be wondering if REI Automated is right for you. No matter where you are in your business we have a tier that will meet your needs (Starter, Professional, Scaling) and we are still developing new tools and adding to our educational resources constantly. We actually take feedback from our clients and create solutions that they need RIGHT NOW. And you could receive that level of service today if you want.

The Big Reason

As I said, I've been doing real estate investing for a while now (coming up on a decade). More importantly,  I wasn't alone. I tapped into tons of different courses and mentors before I found something that REALLY works.

On top of that, I had to pack a full work day into a 1 hour lunch break while I served in the Marines. That meant leveraging automation, as much as I could. My partner, Brandon, helped us get all of the systems in place and we kept improving it and improving it. Finally, one day my mentor challenged me to start sharing it with others because he saw what an impact our systems, automations and tools had made on our business. 

Now we are offering the BEST real estate education plus the BEST tools for real estate investors to provide an insane level of support for our clients. Like, literally, anyone can do this with our system. We recently had a client who could barely log into a website when he first started and he just got his 2nd contract papered. We celebrated!

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Clients Who've Received My Personal Help Starting Out, Leveling Up and Scaling their REI Business

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1.) Identify bottlenecks in your business (whether you've started or not)

2.) Share insights we've gained working in the business ourselves and with other 6 and 7-figure real estate investing businesses

3.) Show you the exact strategies you need to 2-3X your real estate investing business WITHOUT building your own CRM or managing your own ads

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