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Monica Russell just recently started with us, but that hasn't stopped her from getting her first property under contract.

Monica started with us in early October 2023. She is an ambitious entrepreneur and was excited to dig into the REI Playbook so she could learn the secret to the success of so many others at REI Automated. Like anyone who is relatively new and hasn't had many wins as a real estate investor she was hesitant about all of the expenses involved with real estate investing, but she overcame her fears, jumped in and by mid-October already had a property under contract.

"REI Automated helped me think like an investor."

Monica is a credit repair specialist, but realized that this wasn't going to be a business that could propel her to time freedom. She has dabbled in real estate, but hasn't found success with it yet.

"If you know the big gurus, I've paid into them and I was disappointed with their support and networking. REI Automated isn't a hype beast organization. It's a how to build a profitable real estate company and scale."

The Challenge
Monica struggles with confidence in her ability to be successful as a real estate investor. Maybe you can relate?

Starting Point
Monica has some limited experience in real estate investing but without the success she was hoping to achieve.

For Monica, gaining confidence with using our Triage Call and Perfect Presentation scripts was difficult.
She also struggled to believe that putting money into marketing would pay off.

"There is excellent support throughout the week."

The Journey (with Customer Success Manager Nate)
We had some difficult conversations in the beginning where she was filled with doubt. She wasn't sure she would be good enough with the scripts so we practiced the Triage Call together and she practiced with her husband, too. She wasn't sure that spending the money on marketing would be worth it, but she overcame this fear and jumped in. Within 2 weeks she already had a property under contract.

Monica saw our Facebook ad and clicked it because she wanted time and financial freedom for her family.

"If you're looking to invest in real estate at any time in your life, I wouldn't do anything without REI Automated training and support."

Education and Tools
According to Monica, these tools have been pivotal in her rapid growth and success as a real estate investor.

  • Triage Call Script: A dynamic call script that take helps you determine if the property and the seller are a good fit for you
  • REI Playbook Course: The A-Z of real estate investing.
  • The Deal Analyzer: Analyze your deals so you can avoid bad deals and choose the entry with the best equity.
  • The Repair Estimator: Our itemized repair estimator is not only useful to know how much it will cost, but also when it comes time to negotiate with the seller.
  • The ARV Finder: Our ARV Finder and training on it helps you determine the most accurate After Repair Value so you can maximize your ROI.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud storage for your property folders is built into our system. A property folder is automatically created when you submit a Triage Call for your property.
  • Office Hours: Daily group calls with founders Keith and Brandon provide tons of value to our clients. Get all of your questions answered, learn from your peers in a live setting, share wins and struggles.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls: Calls with our CSMs (like Nate) help clients like Monica pinpoint bottlenecks in their real estate investing businesses so they can fix the problems and keep momentum.
  • Checklists: Our checklists provide a step by step process for everything that needs it. We've got you covered.

Monica didn't delay in applying what she was learning in the REI Playbook. She jumped right in to starting her marketing and calling leads. She was committed to the process we teach.

Helping clients like Monica is what we do.

Are you feeling lost at sea with the other gurus?

Have you wasted thousands on other courses?

Are you tired of the hype?

We can help.

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