Consultants Can REI Too!

Christine was a consultant for over 20 years, but always enjoyed real estate.

The Journey

Christine started with REI Automated around the end of September 2023. After being laid off she was unsure what she wanted to do and had actually signed up with another program, but after hearing our offer and all the value we provide in our program she quickly canceled and joined us. 

She had even considered being a real estate agent, but found that real estate investing is more lucrative... Yes it is.

A year before joining us she had tried out another program, but the education was lacking. They hadn't taught her anything about raising private capital or hard money lending to help finance her deals so she never felt comfortable with deal structures that required larger amounts of capital.

"I feel more comfortable asking questions in the REI Automated Facebook group."

Christine was a consultant for over 20 years. She helped create business continuity and disaster recovery plans for businesses. After her company went under she decided she would pursue her real estate passion.

"Having a Nate(CSM) was a game changer."

Starting Point

Christine had been through a course before but she didn't have a coach, which was a "game changer" for her. Going through the curriculum and being able to talk to her customer success manager as well as ask questions in the Facebook group and during Office Hours helped keep her from getting stuck.

1. Mindset: She started with a "Can I do this?" mindset
2. Knowledge: She had a weak foundation in real estate investing knowledge.
3. Experience: She lacked experience in basically every role of a real estate investing business.

"I actually had signed up with someone else, but when I saw Keith in a Facebook ad I cancelled it and signed up with REI Automated. I don't like the cut throat style of some real estate people and Keith isn't like that."

Education and Tools
According to Christine, these tools have been pivotal in her rapid growth and success as a real estate investor.

  • The Deal Analyzer: Analyze your deals so you can avoid bad deals and choose the entry with the best equity.
  • The REI Playbook: For Christine, the deal structure videos are essential. She reviews them regularly.
  • The Repair Estimator: Our itemized repair estimator is not only useful to know how much it will cost, but also when it comes time to negotiate with the seller.
  • The ARV Finder: Our ARV Finder and training on it helps you determine the most accurate After Repair Value so you can maximize your ROI.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud storage for your property folders is built into our system. A property folder is automatically created when you submit a Triage Call for your property.
  • Office Hours: Daily group calls with founders Keith and Brandon provide tons of value to our clients. Get all of your questions answered, learn from your peers in a live setting, share wins and struggles. "Everyone is so nice and asks great questions" - Christine
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls: Calls with our CSMs (like Nate) help clients like Christine pinpoint bottlenecks in their real estate investing businesses so they can fix the problems and keep momentum.
  • Checklists: Our checklists provide a step by step process for everything that needs it. We've got you covered.

"The Deal Analyzer is a game changer for me."

The Results

Christine had already put three properties under contract worth a potential equity of $125K and $700 per month in potential cash flow by the 90 day mark. There had been two more that fell through due to some errors, which she learned from. That's all part of the process. She already had several more opportunities lined up and was moving forward.

​We are incredibly proud of Christine. Awesome work!

"I have way more confidence, you should hear me negotiate"

Helping clients like Christine is what we do.

Are you feeling lost at sea with the other gurus?

Have you wasted thousands on other courses?

Are you tired of the hype?

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